“Project Mc2” is now on Netflix

August 10, 2015

We recently collaborated with Director Michael Younesi and the producers at AwesomenessTV on their new series Project Mc². Juniper Post provided all audio post services for the series.  Teenage spy McKeyla teams up with three other super-smart girls to become secret agents who use their science and tech skills to save the day. Cast: Mika Abdalla, Ysa Penarejo, Danica McKellar, Victoria Vida, Genneya Walton […]

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“The Squeeze” in Theaters April 17, 2015

April 15, 2015

Terry Jastrow‘s THE SQUEEZE is teeing up for it’s release this Friday in select top markets and on premium VOD. Starring Christopher McDonald, Jeremy Sumpter, Jillian Murray, Katherine LaNasa, Jason Dohring and Michael Nourim, this is one golf movie you will not want to miss seeing.     “The Squeeze uniquely captures the riveting story of a wholesome young golfer who gets caught up in the underworld […]

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“Listening” Update

April 6, 2015

LISTENING has screened at over 9 festival across the US, since its premiere at the 2014 Woodstock Film Festival. In March the film screened at 3 different festival in one day, Phoenix, Fort Myers and Gasparilla. There is no sign of slowing for Listening, with invites to almost a dozen more festivals over the next few months […]

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“Beyond the Mask” – In Theaters April 6, 2015

April 1, 2015

    BEYOND THE MASK – In Theaters April 6 “Double crossed and on the run, an assassin for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against a young nation’s hope for freedom.”  – BeyondTheMaskMovie.com Re-recording Mixer, Ben Zarai spoke with Beyond the Mask about creating the final mix for […]

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Netflix Original – “Richie Rich”

March 10, 2015

Richie Rich Season 1 – Available on Netflix. “Richie Rich is just a normal kid, except that he has a trillion dollars. Following his overnight success, he moves his father and his sister into his newly built mansion. He also shares his success with his two best friends, Darcy and Murray.” – IMDb Stars: Jake Brennan, Joshua Carlon, Jenna […]

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MPSE NOMINEE: Feature Documentary “America”

January 30, 2015

62nd MPSE GOLDEN REEL NOMINEE Feature Documentary: AMERICA: IMAGINE THE WORLD WITHOUT HER D’Souza EntertainmentPRODUCED BY: Gerald R. Molen, Dinesh D’Souza, Michael Curylo, Gray FredericksonDIRECTED BY: John Sullivan, Dinesh D’SouzaSUPERVISING SOUND EDITORS: David Barber, MPSE, David Kitchens, MPSESOUND DESIGNER: Ben Zarai, Ken SkoglundSUPERVISING FOLEY / ADR EDITOR: Gonzalo “Bino” EspinozaSUPERVISING DIALOGUE / ADR EDITOR: David […]

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MPSE Golden Reel Nominee: “RED SKY”

January 23, 2015

SUPERVISING SOUND EDITORS:  • David Barber, MPSE, Ben ZaraiSOUND DESIGNER: • Ken SkoglundSUPERVISING FOLEY EDITOR: • Gonzalo “Bino” EspinozaSUPERVISING DIALOGUE / ADR EDITOR: • David Barber, MPSESUPERVISING DIALOGUE EDITOR: • David Barber, MPSEFOLEY ARTIST: • David Kitchens, MPSESOUND EFFECTS EDITORS: • Steve Urban, MPSE, Sean GrayPRODUCED BY: • Russell Gray, Dmitry GuzeevPRODUCTION COMPANY: Aldamisa Entertainment  “Very proud of ALL the hard work that […]

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3 MPSE Golden Reel Nominations!

January 15, 2015

    Winners will be announced at the 62nd Annual MPSE Golden Reel Award Ceremony on February 15th, 2015 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites.     FEATURE DOCUMENTARY NOMINATION: AMERICA: IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT HERD’Souza EntertainmentDIRECTORS: Dinesh D’Souza | John SullivanPRODUCERS: Gerald R. Molen, Dinesh D’Souza, Michael Curylo, Gray Frederickson   SYNOPSIS: A story that questions the […]

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Juniper Post 2014: A Year In Review

January 6, 2015

To say 2014 was filled with expansion and change for Juniper Post is an understatement!  In addition to completing our two new state-of-the-art 5.1 and 7.1 mixing stages, we had the pleasure of finishing over two dozen feature films, as well as 40 episodes of the television series, Richie Rich & Awesomeness TV! With that said, 2015 is […]

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Expelled World Premiere

December 12, 2014

Expelled had it’s world premiere last Wednesday night at the Westwood Village Theater in Los Angeles.   Expelled: “Felix (Cameron Dallas) is a legendary prankster who always charms his way out of trouble. However, after his third strike at school, the principal has had enough and expels him. Never defeated, Felix resorts to his infamous […]

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Bad Roomies

November 7, 2014

Director: Jason Schnell Stars: Patrick Renna, Tommy Savas, Annie Monroe Bad Roomies is a dark comedy about two guys living together who, after losing their roommate, put out an ad to find a new one. After a series of disastrous interviews with potential roommates they settle on an apparently harmless but beautiful girl. All seems to be going well […]

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Juniper’s Open House 2014

November 4, 2014

We had our Open House and it was amazing thanks to everyone that came. Check out these pictures: 

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Open House Saturday, Oct. 18

October 16, 2014

Juniper Post Open House  & Networking EventThis Saturday Burgers, Tacos, Beer and Margaritas When: Saturday, October 18th 2014 10:00am-5:00pm Where: 801 S. Main Street, Burbank CA   Please join Juniper Post and our neighbors, AbelCine on Saturday, October 18th. Check out the latest cameras and the newest Dolby Certified Mixing Stage in Burbank!  Look forward to see […]

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“Listening” World Premiere

October 13, 2014

  Hide your thoughts….  The World Premiere of director Khalil Sullins’s  Listening is this Thursday, October 16th at the Woodstock Film Festival, with a second screening Friday, October 17th.   LISTENING: For years, we have tried to harness the power of the human mind… and failed. Now, one breakthrough will change everything. Beyond technology. Beyond humanity. Beyond control. Hide. Your. Thoughts. […]

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September 26, 2014

  The Juniper Post sound team recently finished work on Brian A. Miller‘s upcoming action movie Vice, starring Bruce Willis and Thomas Jane.     Vice, which is due out early next year, tells the story of a resort that offers its wealthy clients a chance to live out their fantasies suffers a mishap that causes one of its […]

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