Gale Anne Hurd
Producer/Executive Producer

Jim Cameron had used Juniper quite a few times… and he said, ‘Go there.  They not only won’t disappoint you, they’ll exceed your expectations.’ And Jim was right.  As always.

James Cameron
Producer/Executive Producer

My mix for ‘Aliens of the Deep’ has real balls!


My experience with Juniper has been awesome. The service is prompt, courteous, and professional, and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the product. I’ve got many choices at my disposal for mixing, including lower cost options, but I always go with Juniper because of the excellent service and quality. There’s nothing they can’t do, no project too big or small.


Honestly, I can’t imagine doing another movie without them.


Juniper Post is the ONLY place I will go for my post production sound…. I loved working with Juniper and am excited to continue working with them in the future.


Juniper Post, its facility, and engineers are wonderful.  Juniper Post provided us with a creative environment to help us make the best film possible and without them it would not be the same film…. I look forward to the next film so I can mix at Juniper again.  Without question Juniper helped make An Improbable Dream a successful film.


We always have a great experience working with Juniper Post. … No matter what the condition the production sound comes in at, his team will find a way to make it work with the utmost efficiency. Juniper is like family, and mixing sessions are like coming home. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

E.B. & A.B

Working with … the Juniper team definitely met with and in many ways exceeded our expectations. Professional, efficient, creative, collaborative. … We are both grateful for the opportunity to have started this working relationship.


I can’t say enough positive things about Juniper Post and their team…We filmed in Borneo as well as in California, and the different settings made it all the more important that we had a good post sound team like Juniper Post to iron out some of the audio inconsistencies…They really took the time to listen to my concerns, and gave excellent advice. Juniper Post took our movie to the next level, and as a result we won multiple international film awards! I am now working on my next documentary, and will be back here for sure.

Post Production Supervisor

…The guys at Juniper Post stayed on time and on budget, delivering a great sounding film, which is why it is nominated for best sound editing. The best part, they make my job easier.

Post Supervisor/Producer

As a post supervisor and producer, Juniper Post has always gone above and beyond for every picture I’ve done with them. It’s the passion and commitment that really impresses me. I’ve never had an experience where I thought I was getting any less than their best.


Sound plays such an integral role in the sensory experience of watching a movie. It needs to be engulfing us at certain moments yet a distant presence at others. Each beat of the film being artfully crafted through sound design so you never consciously notice it – it’s just ‘there’ and when you hear it you immediately feel what’s happening within the scene.
Juniper pulled this delicate balancing act off in spades and I greatly look forward to working with them again.

Line Producer

Juniper took our project to the next Level, excellent professionals, state of the art equipment, and the most important to me: passion and commitment towards your project!


In addition to professionalism, in addition to technical skill, in addition to impressive experience, in addition to speed and accuracy, Juniper Post is fun.  No day or mix session passed without smile and laughter.

Studio Executive

There are a lot of vendors out there and we believe we should be working with the best.  That’s where you come in.


Juniper Post really knocked it out of the park for us. We were fortunate as an indie film to have good production sound, but filmmakers tend to forget that only goes so far – as the full richness and seamless quality of a finished film’s overall sound involves many hours of post work by talented professionals….


Simply said, they are amazing at what they do as well as being incredibly professional and fun people – bonus!

Director of Photography

In my opinion Juniper Post brought the action to life and it greatly enhanced the movie watching experience.


Working with Juniper Post has been the greatest experience in my career thus far. You could not hand-pick a better team, as everybody has the perfect balance between incredible talent and amazing creativity. They really understood some of the subtleties in our film and brought ideas that truly brought the movie together.

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