Juniper Post 2014: A Year In Review

by Jas on January 6, 2015

To say 2014 was filled with expansion and change for Juniper Post is an understatement!  In addition to completing our two new state-of-the-art 5.1 and 7.1 mixing stages, we had the pleasure of finishing over two dozen feature films, as well as 40 episodes of the television series, Richie Rich & Awesomeness TV!

With that said, 2015 is already starting with a bang with Jared Hess’ premiere of “Don Verdean” at the Sundance Film Festival!  As for our other upcoming films we are working on this year, my NDAs say you’ll just have to keep your eyes and EARS peeled for their release dates.  I can tell you this, it’s definitely going to be an exciting year for Juniper Post!

Juniper Post 2014: A Year In Review

Feature Documentary:


“America: Imagine The World Without Her” was jam-packed with historical reenactments from the Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, from old Model T cars all the way through modern day America. 








Feature Films starring Jason Patric, Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Thomas Jane & Ambyr Childers:


Additional projects not pictured: The Squeeze, Unnatural, Austin Mahone Documentary, Viskan, Rivers 9 & Megachurch Murder. 



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